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Across the globe, organizations are having a devil of a time managing a shifting corporate culture that’s increasingly reliant upon gig economy workers. As enterprise telecom organizations scurry to adapt, where does the highly skilled freelance worker stand amidst all the noise? With their in-demand skills in a growing industry, do they call the shots? Or are the hiring managers who work for telecom giants managing to hang on to the upper hand they’ve previously enjoyed? If there’s any quick answer here, it’s that freelance telecom workers — field engineers, for example — should feel encouraged by the new economy. Here’s why.

As a result of all that change toward a gig economy, employer-employee relationships have changed dramatically. Contingent workers make up 30 to 40 percent of the workplace, depending on what source you use. But many companies lack the resources to handle contract workers. The result is a bumpy road for these workers as companies struggle to find new ways to attract talent, make good decisions about hiring, properly onboard new hires, and finally, to manage them.

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